GearLight S50 UV Mini Flashlight [2 Pack]

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UPC: 858362007935
Model No.: GL-UMFS50-2P


    • DETECT 2X's THE INVISIBLE STAINS: With a wavelength of 365nm, the S50 UV black light will make phosphors fluoresce stronger than other models, making those items that glow under UV lighting much, much brighter.
    • VERSATILE & EASY TO USE: Detect dry dog urine and other hidden stains, authenticate ID's and currency, verify cleanliness, cure nail polish and UV glue, inspect paint work, and much more!  With a simple on/off power button, the uses for the S50 UV light are endless!
    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: GearLight's compact S50 UV flashlights are built to last with aircraft grade aluminum and long lasting LED's.  These blacklight flashlights can be powered for hours with 1 standard AAA battery (battery not included).
    • FOR BEST RESULTS: To enhance the black lights' lifespan, please remove the batteries when not in use. This UV flashlight will not work on wet stains or new $100 bills.  May not work on some cat urine.


    • 2x GearLight S50 UV Mini Flashlights
    • 1x Warranty Card

    Each flashlight requires 1 AAA battery.  (Batteries are not included.)