GearLight S50 UV Mini Flashlight [2 Pack]

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UPC: 858362007935
Model No.: GL-UMFS50-2P


    • 365 NM: The S50 emits a true 365 nm uv wavelength for optimal fluorescence. Ideal for applications that demand a better quality UV source, such as ID verification or cat urine detection.
    • MULTI-FUNCTION GADGET FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: These UV light pocket flashlights are designed for ID checking, hotel room inspections, revealing unknown human and pet fluid stains, bed bugs and rodent contamination, and hidden carpet spots that can't be detected by the naked eye. Quickly spot scorpions or use it to authenticate currency, official identification cards, and passports.
    • COMPACT LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN FOR TRAVEL: This lightweight, portable pocket-size ultraviolet light is ideal for outdoors, while traveling, and even for casual use around the house. It can easily be packed into your purse or travel bag, or you can use the removable pocket clip to attach it to your belt, shirt, or pants pocket to take it everywhere you go.
    • DURABLE WEATHER RESISTANT ALUMINUM BODY: This blacklight flashlight is meticulously engineered for rough handling. Made with durable aluminum, this torch can survive accidental drops, temporary water submersion, and perform reliably under any condition. These blacklight flashlights can be powered for hours with a single standard AA batteries. (Batteries are not included).
    • EXCEPTIONAL VALUE | INCLUDES 2 PEN UV LIGHTS– Keep one in your car, one in your home, or gift one to a cleaner, friend or family member.



    • 2x GearLight S50 UV Mini Flashlights
    • 1x Warranty Card

    Each flashlight requires 1 AAA battery.  (Batteries are not included.)