GearLight LED Camping Sunlit Lantern Support & Troubleshooting

Operation Guide


    • If the lantern flickers, works intermittently, appears dim or faded, or does not turn on:

      • Replace the batteries.

      • Each battery is fully seated in the battery compartment
      • Each battery matches the polarity (+/-) shown on the battery compartment.

      • Each battery end is touching a metal contact in the battery compartment.

(Note: On some batteries, especially rechargeable, the bump on the positive end may be too short to touch the contacts.)

    • The battery contacts are clean and the springs are not bent.
    • The battery compartment cap is twisted on and securely in place
  • If the lantern still does not turn on:

    • Firmly open and close the lantern a few times.

    • Replace the batteries.

    • If the problem persists, contact GearLight for a replacement.


  • Inspect the lantern monthly and carefully remove any damaged batteries and clean any corrosion.

  • If the lantern is used less than once a month, remove the batteries between use.

    How-To Video

    • Coming soon!