GearLight Radiance 10" Ring Light w/ Tripod Stand Support & Troubleshooting

Operation Guide


  • Installation:
    • If your mobile phone does not fit either of the phone holder attachments, contact us for a larger phone mount.
    • During installation, the hexagon nut may fall out of the tripod. An extra hexagon nut is included in the packaging. If you need an additional hexagon nut, contact us.
    • It is not recommended to bend the gooseneck phone holder entirely. Doing so may cause instability and imbalance.
    • If the ring light is not staying securely in place, tighten the ring light connection to the swivel mount and platform.
    • Contact us for any replacement parts.
    • If your device does not connect to the Selfie Remote: 
      • Toggle the Selfie Remote ON/OFF several times.
      • Toggle your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings ON/OFF.
      • If no improvement, re-start your mobile device and repeat the process from the beginning.
      • If problem persists, replace the battery.
      • If the Selfie Remote still does not connect to your mobile device, contact us for a replacement Selfie Remote.
      • While taking photos, the Selfie Remote may take a few seconds to reset after each photo. In this case, wait a few seconds, then press the camera button to take another photo.
    • If your ring light does not turn on: 
      • Ensure the USB cable is plugged into a powered USB port.
    •  If your Ring Light flickers, is not bright, or emits an unstable light: 
      • Connect to a USB port with at least 5V, 2 amps of power.
    •  If the blue controller light or the Ring Light does not turn on, possible LED failure. Contact GearLight for a replacement.

      Maintenance & Storage

      • When not in use, unplug the ring light and remove any mobile device(s) from the phone holder(s).

      • Do not store the ring light in high humidity locations like bathrooms.

      • Do not store the ring light in direct sunlight.

      • To clean the ring light, wipe with a soft damp cloth.

      • Do not use any harsh chemicals.

      • Do not expose the ring light to water.

      How-To Video

      Coming soon!