GearLight X1000 LED Tactical Flashlight Support & Troubleshooting

Operation Guide


  • If the flashlight does not turn on or works intermittently:

    • Replace the batteries.

    • Make sure the tail cap is twisted on tightly and batteries are inserted correctly.

  • If the flashlight flickers or changes modes automatically:

    • Insert the clear battery tube into the flashlight first. Then insert the AAA battery holder. By installing the clear battery tube in first, this will ensure the AAA battery holder is in the correct position and prevent unwanted mode changes.

    • Make sure the tail cap is twisted on tightly.

  • If the light appears dim or faded:

    • Replace the batteries.

  • If the problem persists, possible LED Failure.  Contact GearLight for a replacement.


  • Inspect the flashlight monthly and carefully remove any damaged batteries and clean any corrosion.  If the flashlight is used less than once a month, remove the batteries between uses.  Lubricate all threads and rubber O-rings with petroleum jelly twice yearly.

  • For instructions on how to clean corrosion on battery contacts, click here.

    How-To Video

    • Coming soon!