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Take advantage of these potential benefits when you join the GearLight Influencer Program...
  • Free products/discounts
  • Increased platform traffic
  • Follower/subscriber growth
  • Features on our marketing platforms
  • Exposure to other brand partners

Just two simple requirements to qualify:
  • US based
  • Minimum of 100 followers

Why collaborate with GearLight?
  • We are an ethical brand focused 100% on quality and customer satisfaction. Our products are top sellers on Amazon for their category and generate a lot of traffic. In addition to receiving free products and discounts, we will also bring exposure to your social media pages on our marketing platforms.

    Like you, we have a strong relationship with our customers. Let’s introduce our communities to each other!

How do I qualify to be an influencer?
  • To be a GearLight influencer, you must be based in the US and have at least 100 followers. We choose influencers whose interests and content align with our values and interests.

What does the campaign content look like?
  • Our collaborators have full creative freedom. We admire who you are as a content creator and want you to have fun and be your most authentic self. Some topic suggestions include: unboxing, product in action, drop test or waterproof test (if product is rated for it), “how to” tutorial, etc. We love videos showing your indoor activities (e.g., home maintenance and repairs), outdoor adventures (e.g., hiking, camping, fishing), and all the other ways you incorporate GearLight into your everyday lifestyle.

How do I get compensated?
  • As a valued influencer, you will receive free products for you and your subscribers as a giveaway. In some cases, we offer monetary compensation depending on the quality of your content, views, engagement, etc.

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